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Put Away The Shovel

Sue And Shawn Kelly

Have you never attempted or given up on a vegetable garden. Was it too much like work.
Or do you think your yard is too small for a garden. In the 2016 Farmers Almanac I found this great design to get around all that. Plus it is a raised garden which will both save your back and make it more difficult for the animals to attack the fruits of your labors. It is a pie wedge garden with one wedge left out so you can get into the center in which you will create a hardware cloth round tube  which you will fill with compost , shredded news paper, and some worms to create compost and nourishment for you crops. Each pie wedge is separated from the next so you easily keep the pants from mingling with each other including herbs which tend to want to take over.


The design was first used by missionaries to help natives grow food. The compost area in the center is great for waste from preparing food as well as weeds and plants who have reached the end of the season such as early spring peas. Then that section can be used for a latter crop such as turnips or squash.
1. Measure a six foot diameter circle to mark the wall. On the north side notch the circle like a wedge of pie for access to the center.
2. Using the measured area to guide you, build the wall about 3 feet high using rocks, metal edging , broken bricks or any material that can support the weight of wet soil.
3. Use wire mesh to form a basket or tube about 1 foot in diameter and 4 ft. high. Place it in the center of the circle.
4. Line the inside wall with cardboard.
5. Fill the bed with layers of compost materials wetting them as you go.
6. Top with a few inches of compost or potting soil making sure that the mix slops from the high point of he center basket downward to the to the wall.


Nicolas McGee filled the keyhole with garden soil used potting soil compost and shredded leaves to provide moisture and nutrients
7. Fill the center basket with alternate layers of compost able material along with layers of vegetable scraps and green weeds. This will provide moisture and nutrients.
8. Water the center basket and the garden only when the leaves begin to wilt. This will force the roots toward the center basket for moisture and the nutrients.
9. Feed the garden by adding vegetable scraps, lawn clippings and other compostable material to the center baske

Adult Size Tricycles With Electric Motor

Many people are seeking an energy efficient way to get around town. They are using bicycles for exercise and perhaps to go to the gym or the library or bank. But what if you want to save more and carry more such as to get groceries or take the kids to the park. The new trend is to go to a tricycle with larger baskets to carry groceries or produce from the farm market or to go to the community garden.

Adult size electric Tricycles may be your answer.

The MotoTec Electric Powered Trike aka Personal Transporter is a three wheel electric scooter that you can ride while sitting or standing, this makes it very convenient for use at events, security and

There are other models that  which will carry one or two adults Tricycles give you alternative transportation  around town.  Transport your tike behind your  RV to have a source of short trips  to stores , gift shops and sites at your destination.

But there is the top of the line Tricycle that will carry up to three adults.
It is covered with a windshield for all inclement weather.
It has a battery under the driver’s seat to run the accessories and motor .
The battey will last three years
All passengers pedal and the electric motor helps climb hills i
Watch the video and see all that you can do with this alternate vehicle. No Fossil fuels here.


Melaleuca Preferred Customers Who Enroll In November And December Can Offer $1 Annual Memberships Until January 23rd


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Sue And Shawn Kelly

Sue And Shawn Kelly

Jan 2st-Jan 31st 2018

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We’re making it easier than ever to reach your goals this January with one of our biggest promotions ever! Whether you’re trying to improve your health or build your busines, qualifying for the January Enroller Promotion is the perfect tool to get you started.

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    • Long Battery Life:Battery life up to 5 days so you can track all day and night without needing a charge.*
    • Wireless Syncing:Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to computers and 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Qualifiers will receive a confirmation email. Your products will be placed in your next order following the receipt of your confirmation email. 
Enroll 8** Preferred Members during January 1-31 and receive everything from the “Enroll 4” and “Enroll 2” promotions, plus a Blendtec Designer 625 branded with the Melaleuca logo!

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Only new Preferred Members enrolled in the US or Canada count towards this promotion.

**To qualify, new Preferred Members must be enrolled January 1-31, 2018 and be quality enrolled by the end of the month. They must also remain active customers as of February 28, 2018.

January 1-31, 2018



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Apply Reduce, Reuse, Recycle While Going Green In The Kitchen


Going green in the kitchen encompasses everything from what you eat to how you cook it  There are tons of things you can do in your kitchen that will help lessen your impact on the environment. From using a water saving faucet, to energy efficient appliances to cleaning with non-toxic cleaners, going green in the kitchen can be great for the environment as well as for your budget.




One little thing you can do is reduce your use of paper towels.  The average family uses several rolls of paper towels a week but you can reduce your usage by keeping some cloth towels handy in the kitchen and use those for wiping your hands,  spills and other uses that would normally call for a paper towel. I like micro fiber cloths  You’ll save money on paper towels and there will be less of them in the landfill which, in turn, helps the environment  Also, the less paper towels that are manufactured, the less pollution in the air from those manufacturing plants.

Use microfiber cloths to clean up spills. They are also great to clean glass, stainless steel, and stove tops, microwaves etc. By doing this you reserve the use of paper towels for draining bacon and other fried foods. Use cloth napkins, avoid paper, Styrofoam and other convenience items Reduce by Using rags for items like scratch cover polish and just throw them away. Also use rags for other chores like cleaning cabinets, walls , woodwork and floors. These can be washed and reused as long as there is any use left in them.


Any Item can be reused including clothes, rags, furniture, Glass jars,  Just think a minute and you will add a lot to the list.  I save paper from the printer like that last page they just have to add on at the end with one sentence on it. I cut them in half 5 1/2 x 8 and clip a stack with one of those big black clips to form a pad. why buy steno pads when this work just as well. You reduce the need to make more paper. You reuse  the paper at hand , and when it is no longer needed you recycle the paper you wrote on.


Did you realize that some types of cooking are more energy efficient than others?  While many cooks love a gas stove, the fact is that the newer model electric stoves are more energy efficient  Not only that, but if you opt for a toaster oven or microwave instead of using your big oven, you can drastically reduce the energy needed for cooking. Another method of cooking that greatly reduces the amount of energy being used are convection ovens. Many microwaves have convection oven features in them  use it whenever possible as it cooks more evenly and saves a great deal of energy.

Reduce the cost of Energy with LED Bulbs

I save quite a bit by putting dimmer capable Led bulbs in the fan light. You can dim them down to use as a night light. The electric company gives you 5 Led bulbs if you bring incandescent bulbs in to their scheduled day, I t is held approximately once a month. In our town it is held at the senior center.  My favorite place to by bulbs is  Batteries & bulbs and more. I  bought some dimmable bulbs there last week and the electric company  pays them a rebate. On one package of bulbs I saved &7.00.


Another thing you can do in the kitchen to help the environment is buy local whenever you can. While this might seem like a small thing, transporting food is actually a big drag on the environment. Flying bananas into upstate New York from the tropics can be costly in terms of air pollution.  Not to mention that foods from the grocery store can be loaded with pesticides which damage the environment and your health with GMO’s  Your local growers probably don’t put so much junk on their crops.  Plus, it’s nice to support the farmers in your own community. We have a farm market on the town Green every Wednesday & Sunday. Seniors can get a book of coupons at the Sr. Center. Each coupon is worth $3.00. We also have  produce stand at one of the gas stations and another stand at a nursery in a nearby town.  Just google for farm markets in your area.


Using reusable cloth grocery bags, reusing jars I use canning jars for leftovers  This also saves because you can see what is in the jar and it doesn’t get forgotten to be lost. Composting organic materials are great ways to reduce waste.  You can compost your kitchen scraps, paper and even cardboard.  This will make great fodder for your garden and does double duty as it acts as an organic fertilizer saving you from buying fertilizer which saves you money and ensures that harmful chemicals don’t leach into the environment from commercial fertilizers you might have had to purchase.

Note: Some paper is needed to have a proper mix.


Possibly the most important thing you can do to be greener in the kitchen is to recycle. Make sure you get a good handle on all the plastic and glass materials you use that can be recycled.  Check the rules at your landfill as to what has to be separated out and buy yourself some bins to help you keep things separate. My goal is to get enough people recycling so much that they pick u[ recycling every week and trash twice a month.


Lastly, you want to keep the environment in mind when you clean. Cleaners full of chemicals can be bad for the environment and the fumes from these can be harmful to the health of yourself and your family.  There are plenty of natural things you can use for cleaning like vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil that will help keep your kitchen sparkling without harming you or the environment.

I recommend Melaleuca products. I have used them exclusively since 2005

Microsoft Bi Annual UpGrade

Several days ago there were annoying regularities on most computers. Some were delivered good sound and disrupted video and others Normal Video and disrupted or sound you could hardly hear. They apologized  as it took most of the day  and evening to rectify the situation The irregularities on this site were probably   due to Microsoft and not your computer. For those of you  that commented on it, I hope all is back to normal now.


How To Live Green With Sue Kelly News Letter August 2016

Sue And Shawn Kelly

Sue And Shawn Kelly


I am making many improvements To My Site

1. You asked for a news letter Here It Is

2 . I have a new domain email:

3 I have kept the present email

4. On the resources page I have a link which is also in my latest post to get your eco friendly products online and delivered to your home by UPS The newest concentration is 12X They have a 50 SPF sunscreen that does not wash off while swimming an after sun and a natural ingredient insect repelent.

5. I am looking for a drop shipper for the other resourses you will need so you can order them right from the resour ce page.

6. Please become a subscriber the link works I added my email onto it today.

7. Please send your requests for future posts or expansion of present subjects to me At

I am planning a post on Fracking and it’s effects on health, the environment and safety.

Also some information from CDC on damage to the environment and health.

If you can think of other areas I have not touched let me know by email

I have a new Face Book Fan Page How To Live Green With Sue Kelly many of you have businesses of your own and might want to Get a Fan Page for yourself. You can put your links on a Fan Page but not on a standard face book page, You will get Pure Leverage FREE for one month after that it is $24.00/month through GVO much less than what Facebook Charges to promote it.

Melaleuca Preferred Customers Who Enroll In July And August Can Offer $1 Annual Memberships Until August 31st

Sue And Shawn Kelly

Sue And Shawn Kelly

dollar kits

The summer is just heating up! July saw a continuation of what has been an amazing period of explosive growth! In August, we’re shaking it up for you and your new August enrollees! It’s the perfect time to partner with your new enrollees to help them reach Director. Preferred Customers who enrolled in July or August can offer $1 Memberships all month long! Shake things up in your business by enrolling your next business partner and helping them set their first appointments. As you enroll new Preferred Customers in August, you’ll both earn some of Melaleuca’s most popular fitness products—along with a little extra. Read More

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Only at Melaleuca will you find an array of healthy fitness shakes that include patented CraveBlocker, the unmatched technology of GC Control, the fat-burning power of Access, and strength-building Ultra-Performance Protein that will propel you toward your fitness goals. Visit our Vitality For Life site to see how the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients offered in Melaleuca shakes can help you become a healthier YOU! As you quality enroll new Preferred Customers in August, you’ll be enjoying the best in fitness nutrition for free! It’s the perfect time to partner with your new enrollees to help you and them reach Director.

Melaleuca Biobased, Chemical -Free Earth Conscious Products For The Home Now 12X Concentration

Preferred Customers Who Enroll
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In July And August
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You can Earn Loyalty Dollars to use on products
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For the first 5 months you receive free products.
to try
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About Melaleuca

Melaleuca. Not exactly an ordinary name. Then again, Melaleuca isn’t exactly an ordinary company.

In less than 30 years it has grown from a little startup in rural Idaho to a billion-dollar enterprise doing business in 17 countries around the globe. It has become one of the largest catalog and online retailers in North America. And it is the largest manufacturer of consumer packaged goods in the Northwest. Today, more than a million people shop with Melaleuca every month.

From the beginning, it was destined to be different. Probably because it was created to put people first. People before profit. People before anything else. It’s mission? Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.

People reaching goals… well, that’s the stuff life is all about. And not just any goals. Big goals. The desire to be happy. To be well. In every aspect of life. That’s what makes Melaleuca different. Melaleuca is The Wellness Company. And by wellness, we mean complete wellness. Total wellness. In four distinct but connected areas.

It starts with improving your health with a full line of world-class wellness products, supplements, nutrients, functional foods, and breakthrough innovations that naturally and effectively reduce weight, increase nutrition, and advance health. So people can live with vitality and purpose at every stage of life.

Melaleuca is also on a mission to improve our environment with non-toxic, home-cleaning products that are safer for your home and allow you to live clean without the hazards of harsh chemicals. Melaleuca is a world leader in concentrated products. Products that require less water to make, less fuel to ship, and less plastic to package. It’s better for the environment inside your home… and outside.

Melaleuca goes a step beyond and does what no other company can. Melaleuca makes it possible to improve your financial well-being. How? By providing a step-by-step plan that reduces debt and increases your monthly income. So far, Melaleuca has shared over 3.6 billion dollars with families like yours. Just for referring friends to shop.

It’s unlike anything else but that helps Melaleuca on its mission to improve your overall quality of life. Your personal wellness. To give you more time to enjoy the things you love, with the people you love the most. The health to do the things that matter most. And the resources to make it all happen.

It is a lofty ambition: helping people reach their goals. Not something an ordinary company cares all that much about. Then again, Melaleuca is anything but ordinary.
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Learn more about our CEO Frank L. VanderSloot.
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What is Freecycle all about? Freecycle IS An Alternative To Keep Useful Things Out Of Landfills.

Word Press freecycle_logofreecycle_logo


Freecycle is NOT about giving only to the poor. It is NOT about getting as much free stuff as we can. It is NOT about getting things to earn money on the side. It is NOT about getting rid of junk that would be better off in the landfill. It is NOT about posting a “wish list” for expensive items and expecting a fairy godmother to fulfill it for us. It is NOT a community bulletin board for finding rentals, dentists, mechanics, or advertising our businesses and services or special events.


Freecycle IS about keeping useful things out of the trash. It IS about giving away something that has no use in our life anymore to someone who could extend its usefulness a little longer. It IS about giving gifts to people while clearing out our own clutter. It IS about creating, building, and sustaining an environmentally aware community.


When we post an OFFER, we’re offering to give someone a gift. It is up to us to give this gift to whomever we feel would be the best recipient. We’re not obligated to give our gift to someone who is rich, poor, single, married, has no kids, has 1 kid, has 15 kids, has a car, doesn’t have a car, or has a purple octopus named George living in their backyard. We can choose the most polite, the rudest, the funniest, or the shortest response to receive our gift. We can put their names in a hat and do a draw, or we can wave our magic fingers over our screens and pick one that way. We can choose the first, 3rd, or 53rd respondent. We can wait 24 hours and then decide. It is up to us.


When we post a WANTED message, or respond to an offer, we’re requesting a gift. The odds are that no one on this list will be able to give us what we’re asking for. But sometimes somebody will see a WANTED for a bowling ball and go “AHA! I have one in my closet!” But, you know what? Just because we’re rich, poor, single, married, have no kids, have 1 kid, have 15 kids, have a car, don’t have a car, or have a purple octopus named George living in our backyard, does not mean we’re more worthy of receiving a gift from a fellow Freecycle member than the average person living down the street.

Sending emails that don’t say “please” or “thank you” are a way to not receive an item. Sending emails with nasty comments in them are one way to find ourselves in a bit of trouble.


When you want to find a new home for something — whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano, or an old door — you simply send an e-mail offering it to members of our Freecycle group.

Or, maybe you’re looking to acquire something yourself. Simply respond to a member’s offer, and you just might get it. After that, it’s up to the giver to decide who receives the gift and to set up a pickup time for passing on the treasure. You can even post a Wanted message to the group because somebody might have just the exact thing you really need stored away in a closet.

One main rule: Everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.


We’re part of a community. In every community, there are people who don’t get along. And in most communities, when two people don’t get along, they just avoid each other. To do that on Freecycle, all you have to do is set up a filter to send any email from someone you don’t want to hear from straight into your trash bin.

So, just remember: If you’re offering a gift, it’s up to you to decide who gets it.

And if you’re requesting a gift… well, be patient. Your turn will come eventually, but if you’re not careful your name could end up on a ‘will not give to’ list. You may want to try making an OFFER to the list, just to see how the process works. Look in your closet or in that box you haven’t unpacked since you moved in two years ago. Prime stuff for Freecycle!

Above all – keep on keeping “stuff” out of the trash!

Recycling What You Consider Waste Now & Save

265x265BeFunky_28181444cM0UkB0ySue & Shawn Kelly (2)
Do you throw out the bones in the trash?
One of the main things we need to do on the road to living green is to reduce the refuse that goes to landfills. Waste reduction can become a growing practice that can make a huge difference. our grandmothers did it generations ago. You will be surprised how simple it is.
Instead make your own broth it is simple and will be free compared to buying broth at the store in boxes that go in the landfills.
Save your chicken bones in the freezer. In the case of a holiday turkey I divide the bones into 2 gallon bags and you get two batches of broth. I remove the sharp bones on the drumsticks for safety.
Put the bones in a large kettle or stock pot.
Add 3 quarts of water and fill an additional 1quart measuring cup to add at the end.
Add a large onion diced
1-3 carrots diced
1 to 1.5 cups of celery sliced thin
Add you favorite herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley.
Add salt & pepper to taste . If your salt is restricted add no more than 1 tablespoon of salt
Bring it to a boiling boil with the cover off and boil for 35 minutes.
You can tell when it is done when the bones float to the top. Let cool and remove the bones and veggies and discard.

imagesYou can put the strained broth in 1 qt wide mouth canning jars but leave some space at the top so the jars won’t break in the freezer. You have the option of using 1 qt plastic containers instead. When you know a recipe will call for broth defrost the broth taking it out the night before.

homemade-chicken-noodle-soup-collage3When you make soup from the broth always start with carrots, onion and celery use any left over veggies in the refrigerator even mashed potatoes with thicken the soup a little. You can always take 1 boneless chicken breast out of the freezer and cut it in desired sizes to add more can also ad some rice noodles, or barley for variety. Great soup never the same twice. If you are a small family you can always put the soup in a 1 qt. canning jar while it is still quite warm and put on a dome lid. leave it on the counter you will hear a metallic click as it seals It will keep in the refrigerator for weeks until you need it
Also take the vegetable water from steaming vegetables and freeze in ice cube trays. Keep a bag of these in the freezer for when you need a small amount of broth for the wok or frying pan when cooking