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Using Eco Friendly Products That Are Not Damaging to the Environment



One mainstay of green living is using eco-friendly products and today, almost anything you want to buy can be had in eco-friendly version. Eco-friendly simply means that the product is made in a way that is friendly to the environment. It could mean that it is made of sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring or that it takes an old material that would be dumped into the landfill and gives it new use such as recycled glass countertops.


bamboo-flooring-kitchen-768x426Eco-friendly products aren’t just reserved for major home remodeling however. You can get eco-friendly bamboo laptops, belts made from recycled bike inner tubes, and even shoes made from recycled quilts.


Whenever you look at buying something, you want to look at how it is made. Is it manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner?  There are actually a couple of levels of eco-friendly products. One is that the product itself is made from renewable or sustainable materials and the other is the method of manufacture and its effects on the environment. The best of both worlds is to be able to get a product that is made from renewable materials and manufactured in an earth friendly manner.


thumbnail_222You can take the concept of using eco-friendly products down to any level. For example, even your grocery shopping can be made more eco-friendly by buying locally grown, organic produce and using recyclable bags to carry it in.


When it comes to home renovations, you have a lot of great options. Everyone has heard of bamboo flooring which is both beautiful and made from a renewable resource but there other types of flooring that you can use as well. Cork flooring is also renewable and can be very beautiful and it is warm and soft on the feet. Marmoleum is a type of flooring that’s actually been made for quite some time using earth friendly methods and has a great industrial or retro feel that fits right in with today’s styles.


21480_alt4Even clothing can be eco-friendly. Choose items made from organic cotton, hemp and even bamboo.  Even big name manufacturers are getting on the green bandwagon with Levi Strauss using recycled zippers and buttons as well as organic cotton.  Today’s eco-friendly clothing can also be trendy so when you’re in the store pay attention to the labels and try to help out the environment while you are picking out your new wardrobe.121712-ASL-132-b-350x640x72ppi


Even things like cosmetics and cleaning products can be eco-friendly. You want to choose items that are made from organic materials that don’t have toxic chemicals in them. In fact, using these products will be better for the environment as well as for your health so it’s worth your while to seek them out.


a0800314-4fc8-4ce3-9c9d-f1a1e5b6e06c_400Some of the best eco-friendly products also help you conserve resources like water and electricity. Showerheads and faucets that help conserve water are great choice as well as compact fluorescent bulbs that lower your electric bill and help reduce the strain on energy worldwide.


Today there is a large demand for eco-friendly products so you will find more and more choices as time goes on. Look at your product labels carefully and take the time to make sure what you’re buying really is eco-friendly and you’ll know that you’re doing your part to keep the planet healthy.




Make Your Holiday Feast Zero Waste


Christmas Dinner 19-54-19


Serving soup in a pumpkin is a creative way to help make your meal waste-free! 

Your holiday feast may be a day of indulgence, but it doesn’t have to be a day of waste. By following a few easy steps, you can send less (or nothing!) to landfill this holiday season.

Make a waste-conscious shopping list: Only buy what you need and borrow the rest.

  • When making your shopping list, double check your cupboard so you don’t buy more than you need.
  • For those once-a-year kitchen items, such as a baster, roasting pan, or gravy boat, check to see if you can borrow them from a neighbor who isn’t hosting dinner.
  • When shopping, consider choosing products that come in recyclable packages; look for hard plastic or metal, and avoid soft plastic and tetra packs (the boxes often used for stock).
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  • Before you leave the house, remember your reusable bags, maybe even some reusable produce bags, and, of course, your waste-conscious shopping list.

Set up your blue and green bins so they are easy to access while cooking.

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  • While cooking, you’re bound to have scraps that don’t get used. To make sure they get into the green compost bin, consider using a larger receptacle than usual, or keeping a receptacle on the counter that you can empty easily.
  • If you are feeling ambitious, hang on to your turkey carcass and vegetable scraps and make some stock before putting it all in the green bin for compost. Set
  • Remember to rinse any hard plastic or metal containers and recycle them.
  • Pack cleaned plastic film and plastic bags together and drop them off at your local  supermarket or hardware store. If you are going to recycle the plastic that your turkey is wrapped in, first wash and rinse it and let it dry.

Help your guests understand what goes where.
Did you know that HALF of the material that currently gets put in the black bin (going directly to the landfill) could actually be composted or recycled?

  •  Let your guests know what goes where: Have an empty platter for bones and small pieces of meat   create your own composting, recycling and landfill signs with the Zero
  • Save the liquid from cooked or steamed vegetables. I freeze then in a metal ice cube tray making them easy to use when a recipe calls for a small amount of vegetable broth or to add to soup.  Waste Signmaker.

Holiday feast sorting cheat sheet


  • Green bin: All food scraps including turkey meat, bones, “tofurky” scraps. Soiled paper such as butcher paper and paper towels. And all those miscellaneous items that you only use at this time of year such as cooking string or twine, cheese cloth, tooth picks, wooden skewers, and anything labeled “compostable.”
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  • Place a platter for Bones and Meat Scraps
  • Latter you can divide the Bones in two containers and Freeze to make two Batches of Soup
  • Small pieces of meat can be put in containers to make Turkey Tetrazzini , tacos or  just to add to the soup mashed potaoes and gravy can be used  in soup to add flavor and thicken the soup
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  • Blue bin: Glass bottles, plastic and metal containers, and rinsed aluminum foil go in the blue bin. Take clean plastic film and plastic bags to a local supermarket for recycling.
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  • Black bin: Hopefully nothing!
  • We will know we’ve gotten the word out when they collect trash every other week and recycling every week  make it a goal

Check out Recycle Where for where to recycle food scraps, used cooking oil, or just about anything!

Check for local Whole foods You can even recycle corks from you holiday wine there . Bins are usually set up near the rest rooms.

View Recology’s comprehensive guidelines for what goes in each bin.

Did you have any tips to make your Holiday Feast zero waste? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!